C3S2E-09 Program


Session 1 Invited Talk 1: Dr. Laks V.S. Lakshmanan (UBC)
  Date: 2009-05-19
Time: 09:30 —  11:00
Location: EV2-260
Chair: Prof. Carson K. Leung
   -- Recommender Systems Revisited: From Items to Transactions
   Laks Lakshmanan
Session 2 Databases 1
  Date: 2009-05-19
Time: 11:30 —  12:30
Location: EV3-309
Chair: Dr.Laks V.S. Lakshmanan
   -- CINDI : A Digital Library for Academics
   Rui Chen , Alirio Perez , Krishma Dutta , Bipin C. Desai
   -- An Adaptive Multi-strategy Approach for Semantic Mapping
   Julie Vachon , Youssef Bououlid Idrissi
   -- Issues in Pattern Mining and their Resolutions
   Tongyuan Wang , Bipin C Desai
Session 3 Databases 2
  Date: 2009-05-19
Time: 14:00 —  15:30
Location: EV3-309
Chair: Dr.Jaroslav Opatrny
   -- Anonymizing Location-based Data
   Jarmanjit Singh , Benjamin Fung , Harpreet Sandhu , Qing Shi
   -- The promise of Solid State Disks - increasing efficiency and reducing cost of DBMS processing
   Karsten Schmidt , Yi Ou , Theo H鋜der
   -- On the Stack Encoding and Twig Joins
   Yangjun Chen
Session 4 Position Papers
  Date: 2009-05-19
Time: 16:00 —  17:40
Location: EV3-309
Chair: Dr.Peter Graham
   -- Agile development: Issues and avenues requiring a substantial enhancement of the business perspective in large projects
   Oualid Ktata , Ghislain L関esque
   -- Bridging the Gap: Discrete-Event Systems for Software Engineering (Short Position Paper)
   Juergen Dingel , Karen Rudie , Chris Dragert
   -- Integrating Heterogeneous User Interfaces in Service Oriented Web Applications
   Adrian Fiech , Matthias Tilsner , Thomas Specht
   -- Network Survivability in Regional Large-Scale Failure Scenarios
   Shahram Shah Heydari , Bijan Bassiri
   -- Application of Advanced Rendering and Animation Techniques for 3D Games to Softbody Modeling and Animation
   Miao Song , Peter Grogono
Session 5 Student Posters & Reception
  Date: 2009-05-19
Time: 18:00 —  21:00
Location: EV2-260
Chair: Dr.Carson K. Leung
   -- A Type System for Hybrid Intensional-Imperative Programming Support in GIPSY
   Serguei Mokhov , Joey Paquet , Xin Tong
   -- A Verification Framework for Access Control in Dynamic Web Applications
   Alalfi manar , James Cordy , Thomas Dean
   -- ACDL: A Communication Choreography for Discrete Step Multi-Agent Social Simulations
   Ziad Kobti , Hasan Naushin
   -- An ASSL-Generated Architecture for Autonomic Systems
   Emil Vassev , Serguei Mokhov
   -- Component Placement and Location for a Dynamic Software Composition System
   Behzad Sajed Khosrowshahi , Peter Graham
   -- Designing an Interactive OpenGL Slide-Based Presentation of the Softbody Simulation System for Teaching and Learning of Computer Graphics Techniques
   Miao Song , Serguei Mokhov , Peter Grogono
   -- Integrating Usability Engineering and Software Engineering in Mixed Reality System Development
   Volker Paelke , Karsten Nebe
   -- Modeling for Dynamic Aspect-Oriented Development
   Farhana Alam , Adrian Fiech , Joerg Evermann
   -- Real-time haptic display of fluids
   Mauricio Vines , Javier Mora , Won-Sook Lee
   -- CONFSYS2: An Improved Web-based Multi-Conference Management System
   Min Huang , Yuwei Feng , Desai Bipin C
Session 6 Invited Talk 2: Dr. Alain Abran (ETS)
  Date: 2009-05-20
Time: 09:30 —  11:00
Location: EV2-260
Chair: Prof. Olga Ormandjieva
   -- Software Estimation: Universal Models or Multiple Models
   Alain Abran
Session 7 Software Engineering 1
  Date: 2009-05-20
Time: 11:30 —  12:30
Location: EV3-309
Chair: Dr.Alain Abran
   -- Autonomic Specification of Self-Protection for Distributed MARF with ASSL
   Serguei Mokhov , Emil Vassev
   -- Markovian Workload Modeling for Enterprise Application Servers
   Samira Sadaoui , Nima Sharifimehr
   -- Radius Selection Algorithms for Sphere Decoding
   Fei Zhao , Sanzheng Qiao
Session 8 Computer Vision and Computer Graphics
  Date: 2009-05-20
Time: 14:00 —  15:30
Location: EV3-309
Chair: Dr.Samira Sadaoui
   -- CPU, SMP and GPU Implementations of Nohalo Level 1, a Fast Co-Convex Antialiasing Image Resampler
   Nicolas Robidoux , Minglun Gong , John Cupitt , Adam Turcotte , Kirk Martinez
   -- Texture Map: An Effective Representation for Image Segmentation
   Tao Xu , Iker Gondra Luja
   -- Use of Semantic Web Technology for Adding 3D Detail to GIS Landscape Data
   Pedro Maroun EID , Sudhir Mudur
Session 9 Software Engineering 2
  Date: 2009-05-20
Time: 16:00 —  16:30
Location: EV3-309
Chair: Dr.Hovhannes Harutyunyan
   -- An Automated Procedure for Identifying Poorly Documented Object Oriented Software Components
   Parag Pendharkar
Session 10 Tour & Dinner
  Date: 2009-05-20
Time: 17:00 —  21:30
Location: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Chair: Dr.
Session 11 Theory
  Date: 2009-05-21
Time: 09:30 —  11:00
Location: EV3-309
Chair: Dr.Ziad Kobti
   -- A Local Algorithm for Dominating Sets of Quasi-unit Disk Graphs
   Jaroslav Opatrny , Yonatan Cohen
   -- Edit Metric Decoding: A New Hope
   Joseph Alexander Brown , Sheridan Houghten , Daniel Ashlock
   -- Branchings with least number of Leaves and Transitive Closure Compression
   Yangjun Chen
Session 12 Applications
  Date: 2009-05-21
Time: 11:30 —  12:30
Location: EV3-309
   -- Broadcasting in Necklace Graphs
   Edward Maraachlian , Hovhannes Harutyunyan , George Laza
   -- Impediments to General Purpose Content Based Image Search
   Melanie Veltman , Michael Wirth , JingBo Ni
   -- Option Pricing using Particle Swarm Optimization
   Parimala Thulasiraman , Ruppa Thulasiram , Sameer Kumar , Hari Prasain , Girish Jha
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