Sixth International C* Conference on Computer Science & Software Engineering


Porto, Portugal
10 -12 July, 2013





Track: Cybercrime: present and future

This track is part of C3S2E'2013.


Technology is completely integrated in our lives providing an open window for the ones with a live of crime. This integration increases the number of virtual events, amplifying the harmful ones, anytime, anywhere. Bulling and hate crimes are, nowadays, present in the cyberspace. Organized crime units use the Internet to gain unauthorized access to bank accounts. Identity thieves are arising. Cyberspace crime is here.


Today, the constant awareness of ones physical location, associated with the use of location-dependent services, allows an investigator to place someone, somewhere during a crime. This new reality associates ones physical location even when in the cyberspace. An effort must be made to find present and future tactics and practical applications to use new available technological functionalities to combat cyberspace crime. Additionally, laws must be adapted in order to deal with this new facet of crime.


The objective of this track is to encourage more research in this topic by providing a forum for interested authors to disseminate their research, compare results, and exchange ideas. Possible topics of interest include but are not limited to:


Cybercrime, Cyber Conflict, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Warfare, SMEs – Small-to-medium Size Enterprise Security issues, Electronic Payment Methods, Ethical, political, social and legal issues, Data Protection, Artificial Intelligence Vision, Soft Computing Models, Learning Techniques Approaches, Ambient Intelligence Applications, Computer and Offensive Security, Intrusion Investigations, Cyber Crime Laws, Computational Forensics, Information Assurance



Track Chair(s)

Ricardo Costa, Polytechnic of Porto

Paulo Novais, University of Minho

Rui Silva, Polytechnic Institute of Beja

Francisco Andrade, University of Minho


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