Sixth International C* Conference on Computer Science & Software Engineering


Porto, Portugal
10 -12 July, 2013





Track: Data Mining Algorithms, Applications and Open-source platforms


This track is part of C3S2E'2013.



Data mining (DM) is a multidisciplinary subject devoted to knowledge discovery in data. DM knew a special interest in the last few years, due to the growing gap between available information and available people for its analysis.


Due to the heuristic nature of the most part of its algorithms, DM is a virtually unlimited research field, where more accurate prediction results are potentially and always possible. Nowadays, the DM community offers datasets and databases on-line for each of its more common tasks - such as classification, association analysis, clustering, outlier detection, regression and sequential pattern discovery - and competitions are also available each year. In this context, a “new” algorithm or an enhancement of a known algorithm is always expectable.


Alone or together with OLAP techniques - constituting, in this case, the technical infrastructure of Business Intelligence -, DM finds a large field of applications, from business to bioinformatics, passing by energy systems, public health, diagnosis, network traffic analysis, spam filters, documentation and media segmentation. Streaming data and scalability are, among others, some of the challenges that DM faces.


Although there are consolidated and high quality proprietary DM platforms - such as PASW and BIDS - the DM development leaded to the birth of open source platforms, such as the well known WEKA, Rapidminer and the R Language. However, has above referred, being a virtually unlimited field of research, new solutions and developments in this field are welcome.


The objective of this track is the divulgation of new results and trends in DM algorithms, applications and development of open-source platforms. The track aims also to encourage research in these topics by providing a forum for interested authors to disseminate their results and exchange ideas. Possible topics of interest include but are not limited to:


New algorithms, Algorithm enhancement, Applications: health, energy, bioinformatics…, DM open source: new platforms, enhancements and applications, DM and Business Intelligence, DM and cloud computing, Challenges and new trends.


Track Chair(s)

Viriato Marques, Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra (ISEC), Portugal


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