5th International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium


July 18, 2001

Grenoble, France



Monday:    July 16, 2001

8:30 - 5:00 Registration

9:00-10:30:          Session 1          Opening and Invited talk I

10:30-11:00:    Pause

11:00-12:30:          Session 2:          Query

Query Scheduling in Multiquery Optimization
Amit Gupta, S. Sudarshan, V. Sundar
Exploiting Upper and Lower Bounds In Top-Down Query Optimization
Leonard Shapiro, David Maier, Paul Benninghoff, Keith Billings, Yubo Fan, Kavita Hatwal, Quan Wang, Yu Zhang, Hsiao-min Wu, Bennet Vance,
Web document searching using enhanced hyperlink semantics based on XML
Iraklis Varlamis, Michalis Vazirgiannis

12:30-14:00:    Lunch break

14:00-16:00:          Session 3:          Physical Data Structures

Design and Implementation of Bitmap Indices for Scientific Data
Kurt Stockinger
Implementing KDB-Trees to Support High-Dimensional Data
Ratko Orlandic, Byunggu Yu
Qualitative Representations in Large Spatial Databases
Baher A. El-Geresy, Alia I. Abdelmoty
Prefix Trees: New Efficient Data Structures for Matching Strings of Different Lengths
Nasser Yazdani, Paul S. Min

16:00-16:30:   Coffee break

16:30-18:00:          Session 4a          Schemas and Version

Generation of external schemas in ODMG databases
Manuel Torres, José Samos
Dynamic Systems Specification using Versions and Time
Mirella Moura Moro, Silvia Maria Saggiorato, Nina Edelweiss, Clesio Saraiva dos Santos

16:30-18:00:          Session 4b:          Short Papers I

Optimization of SchemaSQL Queries
Keir B. Davis, Fereidoon Sadri   --- NO SHOW--- paper was not presented!
Static Analysis of Queries as a Tool for Static Optimization
Jacek Plodzien, Kazimierz Subieta
XPathLog: A Declarative, Native XML Data Manipulation Language
Wolfgang May
Metadata Management for Data Warehousing: Between Vision and Reality
Anca Vaduva, Klaus R. Dittrich   --- NO SHOW---paper was not presented!

19:00-21:00?: Reception

Tuesday:          July 17, 2001

8:30 - 5:00 Registration

9:00-10:00:         Session 5          Invited Talk II

Query Languages and XML
Don Chamberlin, IBM Almaden, San Jose, US

10:00-10:30    Coffee break

10:30-12:30:         Session 6:          OLAP

Novel Algorithms for Computing Medians and Other Quantiles of Disk-Resident Data
Lixin Fu, Sanguthevar Rajasekara
Exploitation of Pre-sortedness for Sorting in Query Processing: The TempTris-Algorithm for UB-Trees
Martin Zirkel, Volker Markl, Rudolf Bayer
Interactive ROLAP on Large Datasets: A Case Study with UB-Trees
Frank Ramsak, Volker Markl, Robert Fenk, Rudolf Bayer, Thomas Ruf
Improving the Processing of Decision Support Queries: The Case for a DSS Optimizer
Holger Schwarz, Ralf Wagner, Bernhard Mitschang

12:30-14:00:    Lunch break

14:00-16:00          Session 7a:         Federated Data Sources

Version Propagation in Federated Database Systems
Martin Schönhoff, Markus Strässler, Klaus. R. Dittrich
Semantic Integration of XML Heterogeneous Data Sources
Chantal Reynaud, Jean-Pierre Sirot, Dan Vodislav
Reducing Inconsistency in Integrating Data From Different Sources
Sergio Luján-Mora, Manuel Palomar
A Data Preparation Framework based on a Multidatabase Language
Kai-Uwe Sattler, Eike Schallehn

14:00-16:00         Session 7b:         Short Papers II

A UML-based Metamodeling Architecture for Database Design
Marie-Noëlle Terrasse, Marinette Savonnet, George Becker
An Integrated Graphical User Interface for High Performance Distributed Computing
Xiaohui Shen, Wei-keng Liao, Alok Choudhary   --- NO SHOW---paper was not presented!
Virtual Integration of Temporal and Conflicting Information
Panagiotis Chountas, Ilias Petrounias
Modeling and Management of Spatio-Temporal Objects within Temporal GIS Application Framework
Dragan Stojanovic, Slobodanka Djordjevic-Kajan, Zoran Stojanovic   --- NO SHOW---paper was not presented!
Integrity Constraint Management for Design Object Versions in a Concurrent Engineering Design Environment
Jeevani Samantha Goonetillake, Tom Carnduff, Alex Gray

16:00-16:30:    Coffee break

16:30-18:00:          Session 8:          Distributed Systems

Tradeoff between Client and Server Transaction Validation in Mobile Environment
Amitabha Das, Koh Yen Kai
Cryptography and Relational Database Management Systems
Jingmin He, Min Wang
Steiner-Optimal Data Replication in Tree Networks with Storage Costs
Konstantinos Kalpakis, Koustuv Dasgupta, Ouri Wolfson

19:30 -:-    Banquet

Wednesday: July 18, 2001

8:30 - 4:00 Registration

9:00-10:00:          Session 9:          Invited Talk III

Evolution of Database Technology: Hyperdatabases
Hans-Jörg Schek, ETHZ, Zurich, CH

10:00-10:30: Coffee break

10:30-12:30:          Session 10:          Data Warehouse & Mining

Towards an Architecture for Real-Time Decision Support Systems: Challenges and Solutions
Kemal A. Delic, Laurent Douillet, Umeshwar Dayal
Experimental Evaluation of a New Distributed Partitioning Technique for Data Warehouses
Jorge Bernardino, Henrique Madeira
Mining Free Itemsets under Constraints
Jean-François Boulicaut, Baptiste Jeudy
A framework for understanding existing databases
Stéphane Lopes, Jean-Marc Petit, Lotfi Lakhal

12:30-14:00:    Lunch break

14:00-16:00          Session 11:         Multimedia - Farewell

A study on Content-Based Classification and Retrieval of Audio Database
Mingchun Liu, Chunru Wan
Similarity-Based Operators and Query Optimization for Multimedia Database Systems
Solomon Atnafu, Lionel Brunie, Harald Kosch
An Adaptive and Efficient Clustering-based Approach for Content Based Retrieval in Image Databases
Renato O. Stehling, Mario A. Nascimento, Alexandre X. Falcao
Closing remarks
Michel Adiba
Bipin C. Desai, Mario A. Nascimento

16:00-16:30:    Coffee break




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