International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium


July 25-27, 2005
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada



IDEAS'04-DH: Workshop On Medical Information Systems

Theme: The Digital Hospital


September 1-3, 2004,Beijing CHINA

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IDEAS'04-DH is the first IDEAS workshop on Medical Information Systems. The theme of this gathering is Digital Hospital. The workshop is sponsored by IDEAS(Concordia University), The Ministry of Health of China, Chinese Hospital Information Management Association, Shenzhen Center for Health Statistics & Information.





Date: 2004-08-31 -- 2004-09-3



Registration ( Continues daily)



Location: lobby, Fragrant Hill Hotel






Date: 2004-09-01



Session 1   Opening of IDEAS'04-DH

Chair: Li, Baoluo



Welcome address       Bipin C. DESAI


The plan and implementation of the National Health Information System in China

Keqin, Rao, Prof. Director, Center for Health Statistics & Information,

The Ministry of Health, China



Advancing the Electronic Health Record in Canada: Why? How? Possible Lessons for China

Tom Noseworthy, Professor and Head Dept. Community Health Sciences

         University of Calgary, Calgary Canada


Coffee/tea break



Session 2    Diagnostic Decision Support System


Chair:Keqin, Rao



Policy Driven Mobile Agents for Ubiquitous Medical Diagnosis

Ying Zou (UK), Robert Istepanian, Steve Bain


Development of a Clinical Datawarehouse

Panagiotis Chountas (UK), Vassilis Kodogiannis


A Mediation Framework for Web Services in a Distributed Healthcare Information System

Michael Mrissa (France) , Chirine Ghedira (France), Djamal Benslimane (France), Zakaria Maamar (United Arab Emirates)


Lunch Break



Session 3     Clinical Decision Support


Chair: Baoluo, Li



A Framework for a Clinical Reasoning Knowledge Warehouse

Pedersen Klaus Vilstrup (Denmark), Niels Boye(Denmark)


An Application of Classification Analysis for Skewed Class Distribution in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring ? The Case of Vancomycin

Jian-Xun Chen (ROC), Tsang-Hsiang Cheng, Agnes L.F. Chan, Hue-Yu Wang


Knowledge Representation for Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Points using the UMLS and a Terminology Model

Xinxin Zhu(USA), K.P. Lee(USA), James Cimino(USA)


The Mission and Barriers of EHR in China

Baoluo, Li  Prof. Senior Engineer, CIO Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China's Academy of Medical Science, Chairman of the Chinese Hospital Information Management Association



Integration of the Regional Public Health Resources and Establishment of the Digital Hospital

Dr. Fulin Zhang, Shenzhen Medical Information Center, Shenzhen, China


Session 4    Roundtable Discassions

Chair: Bipin C. Desai



Information Integration for health care and the next decade





Date: 2004-09-02



Session 5    Keynote Talk

Chair: Yusheng He



The past, present and future of Electronic Health Record in the Asia-Pacific Area

Yu-Chuan (Jack) Li, M.D., Ph.D. Professor, President, Taiwan Assoc of Medical Informatics, Professor and Chief, Graduate Institute of Med InfoVice Superintendent, Wan Fang Hospital   


Instant Information access in the Digital Hospital

Dr. Craig Feied, Director of the Institute for Medical Informatics,

Director of the National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics,Founding Director of the ER One program


Coffee/tea break



Session 6     Health Care Information  


Chair: Tom Noseworthy



Rethinking of medical information retrieval and access

Nong Chen (The Netherlands<>), Ajantha Dahanayake


Genericity in an Epidemiological Network for Nephrology and Rheumatology

Michel Simonet (France), Michel Simonet(France), Ana Simonet(France), Haijin Yu(Chnia,), Didier Guillon(France)


Image Retrieval and Registration in medical domain: techniques, issues and promising directions

Mahmudur Rahman (Canada), Tongyuan Wang(Canada), Bipin C. Desai(Canada)


Lunch Break



Session 7    E-Disease Management

Chair: Dixie Baker



The PARADIGMA Project: the Architecture and the Navigator

Antonio Dileva (Italy)


Managing Pan-European Mammography Data with a Service-Oriented Architecture

Richard McClatchey (UK), Salvator Roberto Amendolia

(Switzerland), Florida Estrella(Switzerland), Dmitry Rogulin (Switzerland),Tony Solomonides(UK)


Coffee/tea break


Integrating Remote Health Actors to an E-Health Intuitive Cooperation Platform development

Xavier Urtubey (Argentina), Pablo Felgaer (Argentina),

Fernando Umimsky(Argentina)


The Chinese National Health Information Framework and Standardization

Yongyang  Xu  Professor,  The Fourth Medical University of PLA    



The Scientific Evaluation of PACS

Jianning Sun, Professor, The Institute of Acoustics of CAS



Hospital Information System: Promises, Reality, and Future

Shaohua  Tan , Professor , National Laboratory on Machine Perception of China

School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University





Date: 2004-09-03



Session 8     Invited Paper

Chair:  Bipin C. Desai



Key Issues in Public health information Network

Dr. Callum Bir


East Meets West to Cure Healthcare Ills Using Information Technology

Dixie B. Baker

Science Applications International Corporation (USA,)


Coffee/tea break



Electronic Health Information Exchange 

Chair:Yongyong Xu



The Integrated Digital Hospital - Challenges for data integration, mobility, standardization and information exchange

Ivan Harrow (Ireland), Ross Burger


Supporting Information Management for Regional Health Information Systems by Models with Communication Path Analysis

Alfred Winter (Germany), Birgit Brigl, Ulrike Mueller, Alexander Struebing, Thomas Wendt, Oliver Heller


Ubiquitous Mobility in Clinical Healthcare

Chris Pavlovski (Australia), HeeSam Kim(Korea), David Wood(USA)


Lunch Break



The URL for ConfSys is:

For local contacts:
Ms. Zimeng(Diana) Liu
Tel: +86-755-25618807,+86-755-25624782
Fax: +86-755-25624781 (Attn: Diana)
e-mail: "Diana" <>


The site of the workshop:

Fragrant Hill Hotel
Fragrant Hill Park,
Haidian District,
Beijing, China

For help with room reservation please send an email to:



General Chair,

Dr. Bipin C. Desai, IDEAS, Concordia University, Canada;

Local Chair,

Rao, Keqin, Prof. Director, Center for Health Statistics & Information, The Ministry of Health, China

Li, Baoluo, Prof. Senior Engineer, CIO Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China's Academy of Medical Sceince, Chairman of the Chinese Hospital Information Management Assocaitaion

Dr. Fulin Zhang, Shenzhen Center for Medical Information, Shenzhen, China

Program Commitee:,

Chen, Yude, Prof. Medical Division, Beijing University, Chief Editor, Journal of China's Preventive Medicine
Courreges, Fabien, Kingston University, UK
Fang, Jiqian, Prof. Medical Division of Zhongshan Medical University
Gao, Yanjie, Deputy Director, Center for Health Statistics Information, The Ministry of Health, China
Gu, Guangxiang, President, Society of Medical Institutions Heads of Metropolises of the World
Hammond, W. Edward Prof. Duke University, (USA)
Jennett, Penny Prof. Univ. Calgary, (Calgary, Canada),
Kong, Lingren, Prof. Medical Faculty of Jianan University
Lassila, Kathy Prof. Colorado State, USA
Li, Baoluo, Prof. Senior Engineer, CIO Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China's Academy of Medical Sceince
Li, Yimin, Director, Center for Health Statistics & Information, Guangdong Province
Li, Youping, Prof. Medical Division of Sichuan University
Nagle, Lynn M. Dr. Senior Vice President, Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto, Canada)
Neame, Roddy Dr. Vice-Chancellor, International University of the Health Sciences(UK)
Rao, Keqin, Prof. Director, Center for Health Statistics & Information, The Ministry of Health, China
Xu, Tianhe, Prof., Executive Deputy Chief Editor, Journal of China's Hospital Statistics
Zhang, Fulin, Director, Center for Health Statistics & Information, Shenzhen Deputy President, Association of Health Information Network of Guangdong Province



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