IDEAS'07 Final Program


Session 1 Access Methods and Data Structures
  Date: 2007-09-06  
Time: 09:00 —  10:30
Chair: Dr.Ken Barker  
   -- Comparison of Complete and Elementless Native Storage of XML Documents
   Theo Härder (Germany) ,  Christian Mathis ,  Karsten Schmidt (Germany) ,  Universitat Kaiserslautern
   -- The LBF r-tree: Efficient Multidimensional Indexing with Graceful Degradation
   Todd Eavis ,  David Cueva (Canada) ,  Concordia University
   -- Bitmap Index Design Choices and Their Performance Implications
   Elizabeth O'Neil (United States) ,  Patrick O'Neil (United States) ,  Kesheng Wu ,  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratoty
Session 2 Data Stream Processing
  Date: 2007-09-06  
Time: 11:00 —  12:30
Chair: Dr.Quang Trinh  
   -- Streaming Random Forests
   Hanady Abdulsalam (Canada) ,  David Skillicorn (Canada) ,  Patrick Martin (Canada) ,  Queen's University
   -- Energy-Efficient Monitoring of Mobile Objects with Uncertainty-Aware Tolerances
   Tobias Farrell ,  Reynold Cheng (Hong Kong) ,  Kurt Rothermel (Germany) ,  Universitat Stuttgart
   -- Stream Processing in a Relational Database: a Case Study
   Andrzej Hoppe (Canada) ,  Jarek Gryz ,  York University
Session 3 Data Integration
  Date: 2007-09-06  
Time: 14:00 —  15:30
Chair: Dr.Bipin C. Desai  
   -- Integration of Patent and Company Databases
   Matteo Magnani (Italy) ,  Danilo Montesi (Italy) ,  University of Bologna
   -- Boundedness of Regular Path Queries in Data Integration Systems
   Gosta Grahne (Canada) ,  Alex Thomo (Canada) ,  University of Victoria
   -- Semantic Interoperability Between Relational Database Systems
   Quang Trinh (Canada) ,  Ken Barker (Canada) ,  Reda Alhajj (Canada) ,  University of Calgary
Session 4 Semi-structured Databases and XML
  Date: 2007-09-06  
Time: 16:00 —  17:30
Chair: Dr.Theo Haerder  
   -- Structural Semi-Join: A light-weight structural join operator for efficient XML path query pattern matching
   Hyoseop Shin (Korea Republic) ,  Seokhyun Son (Korea Republic) ,  Konkuk University
   -- Approximate Structural Matching over Ordered XML Documents
   Nitin Agarwal ,  Magdiel Galan (United States) ,  Yi Chen (United States) ,  Arizona State University
   -- A Two Layered Approach for Querying Integrated XML Sources
   Felipe Silveira ,  Carlos Heuser (Brazil) ,  Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Session 6 Adapting DB Technology
  Date: 2007-09-07  
Time: 9:::0 —  10:30
Chair: Dr.Alex Thomo  
   -- Managing Uncertain Expressions in Databases
   Nauman Chaudhry ,  Moginraj Mohandas (United States) ,  University of New Orleans
   -- Applying Hypothetical Queries to E-Commerce Systems to Support Reservation and Personal Preferences
   Yu Zhang ,  Chen Huajun (China) ,  Hao Sheng (China) ,  Zhaohui Wu (China) ,  Zhejiang University
   -- Implementing Physical Hyperlinks for Mobile Applications using RFID Tags
   Joachim Schwieren (Germany) ,  Gottfried Vossen ,  Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat Munster
Session 7 Databases and Digital Libraries
  Date: 2007-09-07  
Time: 11:00 —  12:30
Chair: Dr.Gottfried Vossen  
   -- CINDI Robot: An Intelligent Web Crawler Based On Multi-level Inspection
   Rui Chen (Canada) ,  Bipin C. Desai (Canada) ,  Cong Zhou (Canada) ,  Concordia University
   -- An Approach for Document Categorization in Digital Library
   Tao Wang (Canada) ,  Bipin Desai (Canada) ,  Concordia University
   -- XPath Selectivity Estimation for a Mobile Auction Application
   Sebastian Obermeier (Germany) ,  Stefan Böttcher (Germany) ,  Thomas Wycisk (Germany) ,  Universitat Paderborn
Session 8 Active Database
  Date: 2007-09-07  
Time: 14:00 —  15:30
Chair: Dr.Richard McClatchey  
   -- Adaptive Execution of Stream Window Joins in a Limited Memory Environment
   Fatima Farag (Canada) ,  Moustafa Hammad (Canada) ,  University of Calgary
   -- Avoiding Infinite Blocking of Mobile Transactions
   Sebastian Obermeier (Germany) ,  Stefan Böttcher (Germany) ,  Universitat Paderborn
   -- Scalable Query Dissemination in XPeer
   Giovanni Conforti (Italy) ,  Giorgio Ghelli (Italy) ,  Paolo Manghi (Italy) ,  Carlo Sartiani (Italy) ,  Dipartimento di Informatica - Università di Pisa
Session 9 Data Mining, OLAP, and Knowledge Discovery
  Date: 2007-09-07  
Time: 16:00 —  17:30
Chair: Dr.Moustafa Hammad  
   -- Contrasting the Contrast Sets: An Alternative Approach
   Amit Satsangi (Canada) ,  Osmar Zaiane (Canada) ,  University of Alberta
   -- Feature Space Enrichment by Incorporation of Implicit Features for Effective Classification
   Abhishek Srivastava (Canada) ,  Osmar Zaiane (Canada) ,  Maria-Luiza Antonie (Canada) ,  University of Alberta
   Ronnie Alves (Portugal) ,  Orlando Belo (Portugal) ,  Fabio Costa (Portugal) ,  Universidade do Minho
Session 10 Data Quality and Semantics
  Date: 2007-09-08  
Time: 09:00 —  10:30
Chair: Dr.John Atwood  
   -- Foreign Superkeys and Constant References
   Jon Heggland ,  Norwegian University of Science and Technology
   -- On the Use of Semantic Blocking Techniques for Data Cleansing and Integration
   Jordi Nin (Spain) ,  Victor Muntés-Mulero (Spain) ,  Norbert Martínez-Bazán (Spain) ,  Josep-LL. Larriba-Pey (Spain) ,  Universidad Politecnica de Cataluna
   -- An Effective Multi-Layer Model for Controlling the Quality of Data
   Carson Kai-Sang Leung (Canada) ,  Mark Anthony F. Mateo (Canada) ,  Andrew J. Nadler (Canada) ,  University of Manitoba
Session 11 Emerging Applications I
  Date: 2007-09-08  
Time: 11:00 —  12:20
Chair: Dr.Carson Leung  
   -- On Transversal Hypergraph Enumeration in Mining Sequential Patterns
   Dong (Haoyuan) Li (France) ,  Anne Laurent (France) ,  Maguelonne Teisseire (France) ,  Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines d'Ales
   -- A Framework for Outlier Mining in RFID data
   Elio Masciari (Italy) ,  ICAR-CNR
   -- Examining the Performance of a Constraint-Based Database Cache
   Andreas Bühmann (Germany) ,  Joachim Klein ,  Universitat Kaiserslautern
   -- Kruskal's Algorithm for Query Tree Optimization
   Pryscila Barvick Guttoski (Brazil) ,  Marcos Sfair Sunye (Brazil) ,  Fabiano Silva (Brazil) ,  Universidade Federal do Parana
Session 12 Emerging Applications II
  Date: 2007-09-08  
Time: 14:00 —  15:20
Chair: Dr.Fabio Porto  
   -- The Requirements for Ontologies in Medical Data Integration: A Case Study
   Ashiq Anjum (United Kingdom) ,  Peter Bloodsworth (United Kingdom) ,  Andrew Branson (United Kingdom) ,  Tamas Hauer (United Kingdom) ,  Richard McClatchey (United Kingdom) ,  Kamran Munir (United Kingdom) ,  Dmitry Rogulin (United Kingdom) ,  Jetendr Shamdasani (United Kingdom) ,  University of the West of England, Bristol
   -- An SLA-enabled Grid Data Warehouse
   Rogério Luís de Carvalho Costa (Portugal) ,  Pedro Furtado (Portugal) ,  Universidade de Coimbra
   -- A Theoretical Framework for Customizable Web Services Description, Discovery and Composition
   Omar Boucelma (France) ,  Yacine Sam (France) ,  Universite d'Aix-Marseille III
   -- A Web Database Security Model Using the Host Identity Protocol
   Zhu Xueyong (China) ,  J. William Atwood (Canada) ,  University of Science and Technology of China
Session 13 DB Technology
  Date: 2007-09-08  
Time: 15:40 —  17:00
Chair: Dr.Todd Eavis  
   -- Multiple Entry Indexing and Double Indexing
   Victor de Almeida ,  Ralf Güting (Germany) ,  Christian Düntgen (Germany) ,  Fernuniversitat Gesamthochschule Hagen
   -- An Extensible and Personalized Approach to QoS-enabled Service Discovery
   Le-Hung Vu (Switzerland) ,  Fabio Porto (Switzerland) ,  Karl Aberer (Switzerland) ,  Manfred Hauswirth (Ireland) ,  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne
   -- A Generalized Model for Mediator Based Information Integration
   Ali Kiani Tallaei (Canada) ,  Nematollaah Shiri (Canada) ,  Concordia University


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