IDEAS'08 Final Program


Session 1 Opening
  Date: 2008-09-10  
Time: 09:15 —  09:30
Location: TBA  
Chair: Dr. Jorge Bernardino  
   -- IDEAS08 - the preteen years
   B Desai (Canada) ,  Concordia University
Session 2 Peer-to-Peer Data Management
  Date: 2008-09-10  
Time: 09:30 —  11:00
Location: TBA  
Chair: Dr. Jorge Bernardino  
   -- Ontology-Based Data Source Localization in a Structured Peer-to-Peer Environment
   Raddad Al King (France) ,  Abdelkader Hameurlain (France) ,  Franck Morvan (France) ,  Universite Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III)
   -- A DHT-based Infrastructure for Ad-hoc Integration and Querying of Semantic Data
   Marcel Karnstedt (Germany) ,  Kai-Uwe Sattler (Germany) ,  Manfred Hauswirth (Ireland) ,  Brahmananda Sapkota (Ireland) ,  Roman Schmidt (Switzerland) ,  TU Ilmenau
   -- Robust Aggregation in Peer-to-Peer Database Systems
   Norvald Ryeng (Norway) ,  Kjetil Norvag (Norway) ,  Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Session 3 Real-Time Database Systems
  Date: 2008-09-10  
Time: 11:30 —  13:00
Location: TBA  
Chair: Dr. Domenico Sacca  
   -- Enforcing Time-constraints Effectively for QoS-aware Servers
   Pedro Furtado (Portugal) ,  Universidade de Coimbra
   Ricardo Santos (Portugal) ,  Jorge Bernardino (Portugal) ,  Universidade de Coimbra
Session 4 QoS, Query Processing, Optimization
  Date: 2008-09-10  
Time: 14:00 —  15:30
Location: TBA  
Chair: Dr. Pedro Furtado  
   -- Order-Preserving Optimization of Twig Queries with Structural Preferences
   Wolf-Tilo Balke (Germany) ,  SungRan Cho (Germany) ,  Universitat Hannover
   -- Improved Count Suffix Trees for Natural Language Data
   Guido Sautter (Germany) ,  Klemens Böhm (Germany) ,  Cristina Abba (Germany) ,  Universitat Fridericana Karlsruhe (Technische Hochschule)
   -- A strategy to develop adaptive and interactive query brokers
   Christophe Bobineau (France) ,  Christine Collet (France) ,  Tuyet-Trinh Vu (Vietnam) ,  Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble
Session 5 Semi-structured Databases and XML
  Date: 2008-09-10  
Time: 16:00 —  17:30
Location: TBA  
Chair: Dr. Richard Mcclatchey  
   -- EXsum - An XML Summarization Framework
   José de Aguiar Moraes Filho (Germany) ,  Theo Härder (Germany) ,  Universitat Kaiserslautern
   -- On the Efficient Search of an XML Twig Query in Large DataGuide Trees
   Radim Bača (Czech Repubilc) ,  Michal Krátký (Czech Repubilc) ,  Václav Snásel (Czech Repubilc) ,  Technical University of Ostrava
Session 6 Semi-structured Databases and XML
  Date: 2008-09-11  
Time: 09:30 —  11:00
Location: TBA  
Chair: Dr. Zoran Majic  
   -- Updates and Views dependencies in Semi-structured Databases
   Francoise GIRE (France) ,  Hicham Idabal (France) ,  Universite Pantheon-Sorbonne (Paris I)
   -- Usage-driven Storage Structures for Native XML Databases
   Karsten Schmidt (Germany) ,  Theo Härder (Germany) ,  Universitat Kaiserslautern
   -- Pattern Based Processing of XPath Queries
   Marks Gerard (Ireland) ,  Mark Roantree (Ireland) ,  Dublin City University
Session 7 Data Mining, OLAP, and Knowledge Discovery
  Date: 2008-09-11  
Time: 11:30 —  13:00
Location: TBA  
Chair: Dr. Christie Ezeife  
   -- Efficient Algorithms for Stream Mining of Constrained Frequent Patterns in a Limited Memory Environment
   Carson K. Leung (Canada) ,  Dale A. Brajczuk (Canada) ,  Jialiang Yu (Canada) ,  University of Manitoba
   -- Memory Efficient Subspace Clustering for Online Data Streams
   Nam Hun Park (Korea Republic) ,  Won Suk Lee (Korea Republic) ,  Yonsei University
   -- H-IQTS: A Semantics-Aware Histogram for Compressing Categorical OLAP Data
   Alfredo Cuzzocrea (Italy) ,  Domenico Saccà (Italy) ,  University of Calabria
Session 8 Semantic Web and Databases *
  Date: 2008-09-11  
Time: 14:00 —  15:30
Location: TBA  
Chair: Dr. Peter Baumann  
   -- Intensional Semantics for RDF Data Structures
   zoran majkic (P. Georges) ,  University of Maryland, Computer Science UMIACS
   -- Ontology Assisted Query Reformulation Using the Semantic and Assertion Capabilities of OWL-DL Ontologies
   Kamran Munir (United Kingdom) ,  Mohammed Odeh (United Kingdom) ,  Richard McClatchey (United Kingdom) ,  University of the West of England, Bristol
   -- Showing Correctness of a Replication Algorithm in a Component based System
   Bettina Kemme (Canada) ,  Huaigu Wu (Canada) ,  McGill University
Session 9 Data Management
  Date: 2008-09-11  
Time: 16:00 —  17:30
Location: TBA  
Chair: Dr. Michal Krátký  
   -- Towards Generating ETL Processes for Incremental Loading
   Thomas Jörg (Germany) ,  Stefan Deßloch (Germany) ,  Universitat Kaiserslautern
   -- A Unified Apriori-like Algorithm for Conjunctive Query Containment
   Fang Wei (Germany) ,  Georg Lausen (Germany) ,  Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg
   -- Pruning Attribute Values from Data Cubes with Diamond Dicing
   Hazel Webb (Canada) ,  Owen Kaser (Canada) ,  Daniel Lemire (Canada) ,  University of New Brunswick, Saint John
Session 10 Data Mining, OLAP, and Knowledge Discovery *
  Date: 2008-09-12  
Time: 09:30 —  11:00
Location: TBA  
Chair: Dr. Carson K Leung  
   -- Dynamic Data Recovery for Database Systems Based on Fine Grained Transaction Log
   Hong Zhu (China) ,  Ge Fu (China) ,  yucai Feng (China) ,  Renchao Jin (China) ,  Kevin Lü (United Kingdom) ,  Jie Shi (China) ,  Huazhong University of Science and Technology
   -- WIDS: A Sensor-Based Online Mining Wireless Intrusion Detection System
   Christie Ezeife (CANADA) ,  Maxwell Ejelike (Canada) ,  Akshaia Aggarwal (Canada) ,  University of Windsor
   -- Measuring Text Similarity With Dynamic Time Warping
   Stefan Conrad (Germany) ,  Michael Matuschek (Germany) ,  Tim Schlüter (Germany) ,  Heinrich-Heine Universitat Dusseldorf
   -- Incremental View-Based Analysis of Stock Market Data Streams
   Andreas Behrend (Germany) ,  Chistian Dorau (Germany) ,  Rainer Manthey (Germany) ,  Schueller Gereon (Germany) ,  Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universitat Bonn
Session 11 Applications
  Date: 2008-09-12  
Time: 11:30 —  12:45
Location: TBA  
Chair: Dr. Bipin C. Desai  
   -- A Comparative Benchmark of Large Objects in Relational Databases
   Sorin Stancu-Mara (Germany) ,  Peter Baumann (Germany) ,  International University Bremen
   -- A Spot-matching Framework for Improving Matching Accuracy in Protein 2-DE Gel Image analysis
   Jung Eun Shim (Korea Republic) ,  Yanhua Jin (Korea Republic) ,  Won Suk Lee (Korea Republic) ,  Yonsei University
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