16th International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium
  • Charles University

  • August 8-10, 2012




    The scope of the conference includes but is not restricted to the following topics:

    • Access Methods and Data Structures
    • Active Databases
    • Adapting DB Technology
    • Agents and Databases
    • Authorization and Database Security
    • Benchmarking and Performance
    • Bio-informatics/life Sciences and Databases
    • Business Process Engineering and Execution Support
    • Concurrency Control and Recovery
    • Constraint Databases
    • Content Delivery Networks
    • Data Design Evolution and Migration
    • Data Integration
    • Data Management in Computational Science
    • Data Mining, OLAP and Knowledge Discovery
    • Data Models
    • Data Quality and Semantics
    • Data Stream Processing
    • Data Visualization
    • Data Warehousing
    • Database Applications
    • Database Design and UML
    • Database Evolution and Migration
    • Database Performance
    • Database Programming Languages
    • Database Query Languages
    • Database Services and Applications
    • Databases and Electronic Commerce
    • Databases and Information Retrieval
    • Databases and Digital libraries
    • Distributed and Parallel Databases
    • Electronic Commerce
    • Embedded and Mobile Databases
    • Engineering Information Systems
    • Enterprise Data Management
    • Financial Services Applications
    • Fuzzy Probabilistic and Approximate Data
    • Geographic Information Systems
    • Gnomic Databases
    • Government Applications
    • Interoperability of Heterogeneous and Federated DBMS
    • Humanities Applications
    • Image, Text and Multimedia Databases
    • Information Filtering and Dissemination
    • Information Integration and Retrieval
    • Knowledge Base Management Systems
    • Logic and Databases
    • Medical Systems
    • Meta-data Management
    • Middleware Platforms for Data Management
    • Mobile Computing and Database Systems
    • Mobile Data Management
    • Model management and model engineering
    • Moving Object Databases
    • Multimedia Database Systems
    • Novel/Advanced Applications
    • Ontology Development for Database Applications
    • P2P and Networked Data Management
    • Parallel, Distributed, and Grid Databases
    • Peer-to-Peer Data Management
    • Performance Evaluation
    • Privacy and security in database
    • Profile-based Data Management
    • QoS, Query Processing, Optimization
    • Real-Time Database Systems
    • Reliable and Robust Databases
    • Replication and Caching
    • Retail Systems
    • Scientific and Statistical Databases
    • Self-Managing Systems
    • Semantic Web and Databases
    • Semi-structured Databases and XML
    • Spatial, Temporal and Scientific Databases
    • Stream Databases
    • Telecommunications Applications
    • Tertiary Storage for Databases
    • Text Databases and Digital libraries
    • Transactional Guarantees in Databases
    • Unique Experiences in Using DB Technology
    • User Interfaces and Visualization
    • View Management
    • Web Replication and Caching
    • Web Search and Navigation
    • Web Services and Web Service Composition
    • Work flow Management and Databases
    • XML Languages, Models, and Middleware.


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