18th International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium

IDEAS '14 would be hosted by the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto: ISEP

Porto, Portugal .

July 7-9, 2014



Track: Cloud Based Solutions


Recently, we are witnessing a dynamic Cloud computing evolution nearly in all areas of human activities exploiting information technologies. Implementation of solutions based on the idea of cloud services produces new challenges in such areas as management, security, technical solutions, infrastructure modeling, mobile devices support, and many others.


From a technological perspective, Cloud computing covers a broad palette of hardware and/or software technologies. Here we can include namely virtualization of operating systems (KVM, XEN, ESXi, HYPER-V), specialized network protocols and solutions (High-speed transitions, software defined elements, network infrastructure virtualization, tunneling, protocols for data communication), computing nodes administration, computing tasks distribution, and many others.


Implementation of Cloud computing into a firm environment is not only a complicated technical solution, on which basis the particular solutions are established, but also a process, that is inevitably closely connected with strategic, tactic, as well as operative needs of the firm.


The migration of services into the cloud touches basically a broad spectrum of business processes and systems frequently exploiting information infrastructure as their existence platform.


From a business perspective, to have better insight into business operations it is important to apply data analysis techniques on their information to drive decisions and actions. This will allow setting the right strategy to achieve increased sales, identify issues and to become a dynamic business that can meet today’s challenges of fast delivery. Processing large amounts of data in the data warehouse requires enormous processing power and space. These resources are crucial for businesses to run its daily operations. In this case Cloud computing can be used successfully to provide scalability for peak periods when needed and only pay for what is used.


An independent yet important issue seems to be cloud solutions efficiency measuring that can be generalized into two main parts: measuring of technical efficiency (namely the parameters for transaction processing speed, response in network and infrastructure, virtualized memory capacity, repositories or data communication speed), and measuring of economical assets (investments efficiency analysis, economical comparison of various cloud solution variants, risk evaluation and assessment, process optimization, etc.).


Security of cloud solution or optimized infrastructure, resp., is a key challenge and frequently also the limiting factor for a number of specific organizations, e.g., army, governmental organizations, or for organizations working with sensitive data in general. Cloud computing in its substance is exploiting internet technologies; however it needs not to be inevitably interconnected with internet. This area is now a big issue for all cloud-based solutions and many organizations are transferring their data out from their control without providing a deeper analysis of security threats. From all that is described above we may conclude that cloud-based solution design is a complex process requiring a system approach. This targeted session will address number of topics related to the above described aspects of Cloud computing and its applications.





Topics include but are not limited to:

































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The accepted papers from this track would be included in the IDEAS14 proceedings and will be published by ACM; the ISBN assigned by ACM to IDEAS14 is: 978-1-4503-2627-8
A version of the proceedings to be distributed to the conference attendees would be prepared by BytePress.





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