3th International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium


August 2-4 1999

Montreal, Canada




The symposium provides an international forum for discussion of the problems of engineering database systems involving not only database technology but the related areas of information retrieval, multimedia, human machine interface and communication. The goal of IDEAS is to foster closer interaction among the industrial, research and user communities and provide an excellent opportunity for them to meet, discuss ideas, examine the current ones and develop new solutions and research directions. Along with the technical sessions, the symposium also features prominent invited speakers. We invite participants from academia, computer and user industries, and government to share ideas and experiences.


IDEAS'99 is hosted by Concordia University and organised by the the Database Group at Concordia University and IDEAS in cooperation with IEEE. Sponsored by CRIM, IBM, Dept. of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science and Concordia University.


  • Program committee: Michel Adiba (Grenoble) Rafi Ahmed (Oracle), Paolo Atzeni (Univ. Roma), Alex Biliris (AT&T Research), Joachim Biskup (Dortmund), Michael H. Boehlen(Aalborg Univ. DK), Isabel Cruz (WPI), Bipin C. Desai (Concordia) General Chair, Program Co-chair, Nevenka Dimitrova (Philips Res. Labs), Anne Doucet (Pierre et Marie CURIE Paris-6), Andrzej Duda (IMAG-LSR), Prabhakar Gokul (Lucent), Gösta Grahne (Concordia) Program Co-chair, J. Gray (Univ. South Australia), William I. Grosky (Wayne State Univ.), Jiawei Han (Simon Fraser Univ.), Bala Iyer (IBM Santa Teresa Lab.), Hasan Jamil (Mississippi State), Leonid A. Kalinichenko (Russian Academy of Science), Laks Lakshmanan (Concordia), Georg Lausen (Freiburg), Sanjay K. Madria (NTU-Singapore), Tim Merrett (McGill), Sham Navathe (Georgia Tech.), Raymond Ng (UBC), Zbigniew W. Ras (UNCC), Raghu Ramakrishnan (Wisconsin), Louiqa Raschid (Maryland), Peter Revesz (Univ. Nebraska-Lincoln), Domenico Sacca (Calabria), Fereidoon Sadri (UNCG), Hans Schek (ETH-Zurich), Marc H Scholl (Konstanz), Timos Sellis (NTU Athens), Nematollah Shiri (Tarbiat Modares, Iran), Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Research), Kazimierz Subieta (Polish Academy of Science.), Subbu Subramanian (IBM Almaden Res.), Roger Tagg (Massey, NZ), John Velissarios (Price Waterhouse), Gottfried Vossen (Univ. Muenster), Ling Tok Wang (NUS, Singapore), Vlad Wietrzyk (Macquarie, Australia),
  • Conference secretariat: IDEAS '99, Computer Science, Concordia University, 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. Ouest, Montreal, H3G 1M8, CANADA. email:, fax: +1 514 848 8652, phone: +1 514 848 3000.

  • IDEAS web address:     or

Sunday August 1, 1999: Can DB Workshop Atelier BD Can

There will be an informal get-together on Sunday at 19:30 in a nearby Sports Bar (Moe's 1050 de la Montagne). Please see map

Time: Monday Tuesday Wednesday
8:30-16:30 Registration
9:00-       Invited talk Keynote Speech Invited talk
      10:15 M. Tamer Ozsu Jeffrey D. Ullman Sham Navathe
10:15-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-12:30 Query Optimization OLAP and Data Mining Transaction and Recovery
12:30-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-      Multi- Modelling View Evaluation Database Trans. Proc.
      15:45 Database Maintenance & Analysis Architecture & Performance
15:45-16:15 Coffee break
16:15-18:00 Application of Clustering Principles of DB DB Engineering & User Issues
18:00-20:00 Reception
18:45-      Dinner


Monday:    August 2, 1999

8:40 - 12:30, 14:00 - 17:00         Registration

Foyer De Seve Theatre

9:00-10:15         Session 1         Invited talk

Chair: Bipin C. Desai                 De Seve Theatre   
Welcome message
Issues in Multimedia Data Management   M. Tamer Özsu (Univ. Alberta)

10:15-10:45            Coffee break

10:45-12:30         Session 2         Query Optimisation

Chair: Alberto Mendelzon         De Seve Theatre
Query Result Size Estimation Using a Novel Histogram-like Technique: The
Rectangular Attribute Cardinality Map
B. John Oommen, Murali Thiyagarajah
Semantic Query Optimisation for ODMG-93 Databases
M. F. van Bommel
A Heuristics-Based Approach to Query Optimisation in Structured Document
Dunren Che, Karl Aberer
Self-Organisation of Distributed Document Archives
Dieter Merkl, Andreas Rauber

12:30-14:00            Lunch break

Lunch will be provided   

14:00-15:45         Session 3         Multi-DB

Chair: Jeffery Ullman         De Seve Theatre
Integration of Semistructured Data with Partial and Inconsistent Information
Mengchi Liu, Tok Wang Ling, Tao Guan,
A Schema Analysis and Reconciliation Tool Environment for Heterogeneous
Silvana Castano, Valeria De Antonellis
Interoperable Databases: a Programming Language Approach
Olivier Jautzy
Feature Reduction and Database Maintenance in NETNEWS Classification
Wen-Lin Hsu, Sheau-Dong Lang

14:00-15:45         Session 3a         Modelling

Chair: Dawn Jutra         H415  
Interactive Design of Object-Oriented Schema
M. F. van Bommel
SHB: A Strategic Hierarchy Builder for Managing Cooperative Heterogeneous
Christophe Nicolle, Nadine Cullot, Kokou Yetongnon
ISIS: A Semantic Mediation Model and an Agent Based Architecture for
GIS Interoperability
Eric Leclercq, Djamal Benslimane, Kokou Yetongnon
iWebDB - Web Site Administration based on Object-Relational Database Technology
Henrik Loeser, Norbert Ritter
SR Schemes: Spatial-match Iconic Image Representation
Yeon-Jung Kim, Jae-Woo Chang
A Method of Constructing Dynamic Schema Representing the Structure of
Semistructured Data
Teruhisa Hochin, Tatsuo Tsuji

15:45-16:15            Coffee break

16:15-18:00         Session 4         Application of Clustering

Chair: Tim Merret         De Seve Theatre  
Dynamic Reorganization of Object Databases
Vlad S. Wietrzyk, Mehmet A. Orgun
New GDM-based Declustering Methods for Parallel Range Queries
S.Kuo, M. Winslett, Y. Cho,
Parallelizing User-Defined Functions in Distributed Object-Relational DBMS
Kenneth W. Ng, Richard R. Muntz

18:00-20:00 Reception

Faculty Lounge: H767

Tuesday:    August 3, 1999

8:45 - 12:30, 14:00 - 16:30         Registration

Foyer De Seve Theatre

9:00-10:15         Session 5         Keynote Speech

Chair: Laks Lakshmanan         De Seve Theatre  
Some Advances in Data-Mining Techniques Jeffrey D. Ullman(Stanford)

10:15-10:45            Coffee break

10:45-12:30         Session 6         OLAP and Data Mining

Chair: Tamer Özsu         De Seve Theatre
Efficient Mining for Association Rules with Relational Database Systems
Karthick Rajamani, Alan Cox, Bala Iyer, Atul Chadha
Management of Multidimensional Aggregates for Efficient Online
Analytical Processing
J. Albrecht, A. Bauer, O. Deyerling, H. Gunzel, W. Hummer W. Lehner, L. Schlesinger
Improving OLAP Performance by Multidimensional Hierarchical Clustering
Volker Markl, Frank Ramsak, Rudolf Bayer,
A Parallel Scalable Infrastructure for OLAP and Data Mining
Sanjay Goil, Alok Choudhary

12:30-14:00            Lunch break

Free choice: on your own

14:00-15:45         Session 7         View Maintenance

Chair: Jarek Gryz         De Seve Theatre  
A Model for Deferred View Maintenance
Reda Alhajj, Ashraf Elnagar
Incremental Maintenance of Nested Relational Views
Jixue Liu, Millist Vincent, Mukesh Mohania
The SDCC Framework for Integrating Existing Algorithms for Diverse Data
Warehouse Maintenance Tasks
Xin Zhang, Elke A. Rundensteiner
View Maintenance after View Synchronization
Anisoara Nica, Elke A. Rundensteiner

14:00-15:45         Session 7a:         Evaluation and Analysis

Chair: M. F. van Bommel         H415
Interactive Data Analysis on Numeric-data
Hong Ki Chu, Man Hon Wong
Hash-based Symmetric Data Structure and Join Algorithm for OLAP
Motomichi Toyama, Akira Ohara
2D Topological and Direction Relations in the World of Minimum
Bounding Circles
Maytham Safar, Cyrus Shahabi
A New Access Index for Fast Execution of Conjunctive Queries over Text Data
Yuping Yang, Mukesh Singhal
Concurrent Maintenance of Views Using Multiple Versions
Sachin Kulkarni, Mukesh Mohania

15:45-16:15            Coffee break

16:15-18:00         Session 8         Principles of DB

Chair: Sham Navathe         De Seve Theatre  
Safe Database Queries with External Functions
Hong-Cheu Liu, Jeffrey X. Yu
Between Well-Founded Semantics and Stable Model Semantics
V.Phan Luong
Lexicographically Ordered Functional Dependencies and Their Application to
Temporal Relations
Wilfred Ng
Termination Analysis in Active Databases
Danilo Montesi, Maria Bagnato, Cristina Dallera,

6:45 -:-    Symposium dinner

Salon Baccara, Casino de Montréal
Buses leaves from the Campus at 6:15 PM
Return on your own by Metro or taxi or take bus at 11:00PM.

Wednesday: August 4, 1999

8:45 - 12:30, 12:00 - 16:30         Registration

Foyer De Seve Theatre

9:00-10:15         Session 9         Invited talk

Chair Michel Adiba         De Seve Theatre
The Challenge of Genome Information Management: A Practical Experience   Sham Navathe (Georgia Tech)

10:15-10:45         Coffee break

10:45-12:30         Session 10         Transaction and Recovery

Chair: Richard McClatchey         De Seve Theatre  
Locking with Different Granularities for Reads and Writes in an MVM System
P. Bodorik, D. Jutra, J. Slonim, A. Agarwal
Transactional Coordination Agents for Composite Systems
Heiko Schuldt, Hans-Jorg Schek, Gustavo Alonso,
A Workflow Management Systems Architecture that Support Ad-Hoc Recoveries
Jian Tang, Xuemin Xing

12:30-14:00            Lunch break

Will be provided

14:00-15:45         Session 11         DB Architecture

Chair: Parke Godfrey         De Seve Theatre  
The Role of Meta-Objects and Self-Description in an Engineering Data Warehouse
R. McClatchey, Z. Kovacs, F. Estrella, J-M Le Goff, L. Vargo, M. Zsenei
Towards an Architecture for Reactive Systems Using an Active Real-Time
Database and Standardized Components
A. Münnich, M. Birkhold, G. Färber, P. Woitschach
On a Buzzword Ëxtensibility" - What we have learned from the ORIENT Project?
Nan Zhang, Theo Harder
Scalability of an Object Descriptor Architecture OODBMS
Kwok Yu, Byung S. Lee, Michael Olson,

14:00-15:45 Session         11a         Transaction Processing and Performance

Chair: Isabel Cruz         H415

Site-Locking Protocol for Global Concurrency Control in Multidatabase Systems
Kyu Woong Lee, Myung-Joon Kim, Seog Park
Performance Evaluation of Multidimensional Array Storage Techniques in
Norbert Widmann, Peter Baumann
Eric Viara, Emmanuel Barillot, Guy Vaysseix
Performance Tradeoffs in Real-Time Transaction Processing with Client
Data Caching
Hyunchul Kang, YoungSung Kim
Measuring the Performance of Database Object Horizontal Fragmentation Schemes
C.I. Ezeife, Jian Zheng
Database Modularization Design for the Construction of Flexible
Information Systems
Joao Eduardo Ferreira, Gisele Busichia

15:45-16:15            Coffee break

16:15-18:00         Session 12         DB Engineering and User Issues

Chair: Gösta Grahne         De Seve Theatre  
An Implementation Architecture for Orthogonally Persistent Deductive
Object-Oriented Database Systems
Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman, Anthony J. Kusalik
A User Interface for Distributed Multimedia Database Querying with Mediator
Supported Refinement
Isabel F. Cruz, Kimberly M. James
IDEAS2000 and Adieu
Bipin C. Desai
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