C3S2E'10 is over, please see: https://confsys.encs.concordia.ca/ConfSys for the latest conferences managed by ConfSys including the next in the C3S2E series.

Organized by
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada;
with the cooperation of ACM, BytePress and ConfSys.org

General Chair:
Bipin C. Desai (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada)
Local Organization
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Program Chairs:
Sudhir Mudur (Concordia University)
Carson K. Leung (University of Manitoba)

[*] C3S2E = C* Conference on Computer Science & Software Engineering;
This meeting started as a revival of an annual Canadian event attended mainly by Canadian participants. During the first meeting, many colleagues, in a very Canadian spirit, expressed the need to open it up for the global participants and hence the first C in the acronym will henceforth be not "officially" spelled out!.

C* ::= Canadian|Combined|Comprehensive|Concordia|Consolidated| ...

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