Sixth International C* Conference on Computer Science & Software Engineering


Porto, Portugal
10-12 July, 2013


C3S2E'13 Call for Participation


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C3S2E'2013[*] is the sixth in a series of annual international conferences addressing the needs of the academic community in computing science and software engineering. The objective of C3S2E is to meet annually to exchange ideas on current issues and focus on new challenges from both the theoretical and application aspects of CSE. C3S2E encourages the participation of practitioners from governmental and non-governmental agencies, industry, and academia not only from CSE but also from other disciplines with the potential of collaboration. The meeting offers participants a chance to broaden their insight into the multi-facets of CSE and emerging technologies while exploring R&D ideas in other disciplines as well, where CSE can make meaningful contributions.


C3S2E invites quality papers describing original ideas and new findings on applied technological and theoretical aspects of CSE or in other disciplines with potential for applying and extending the CSE horizons. In particular we welcome submissions describing work on integrating new technologies into products and applications, on experiences with existing and novel techniques, and on the identification of unsolved challenges. We consider this meeting to be a unique and important forum to discuss insights into applying and extending all aspects of computing and software engineering methodologies in novel situations.


In addition to a "Main Track", C3S2E'2013, will have focused sessions in the following tracks, Details for the tracks are given in the track pages accessible by clicking on the link for the track in the right margin. Each track is headed by track chair(s) who could be reached for additional details. Each track is indicated in ConfSys site for C3S2E'2013 by the name of the track. Authors should choose the appropriate track for their submissions.

Invited Talks

A number of invited speakers would round up the final program of C3S2E'13.


Cultural/Social Event


Porto, with an area of 45km2 and population of about 260 thousand, is the second biggest city in the country. It is known as the capital of the North and its Historic Centre of has been classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. Temperate maritime climate, with a mild summer and temperatures from 15 ºC to 25 ºC, occasionally reaching 35 ºC between July and September. Autumn and winter are typically windy, rainy and cool, with temperatures from 5 ºC to 14 ºC.

Porto is increasingly being recommended as a tourist destination. Tales of treasured experiences are featured in newspapers, magazines and on online sites across the world. It has also been awarded Best European Destination 2012.

Portugal´s second biggest city isn´t so much known for its size but rather for what makes it so different from other destinations: the warmth of its people and its ability to both surprise and excite.

In Porto you´ll find constant diversity and unpredictable contrasts that are fascinating to discover. It is a place caught between past and present; urban mingled with river, sea and fresh air; tradition crossed with innovation; antiquity mixed with modernity. The riverside city is admired for its constant flow of traditions and unusual ways, yet Porto also provokes the desire to explore slowly, from one corner to another on the cobbled streets, savouring

Porto/Portugal promotional details to be added!


Conference Venue


All the sessions will be in the ISEP, Auditorium E. Please consult here on ISEP's web site.

Conference Publication


The conference proceedings will be published by BytePress/ACM and would be added to ACM's Digital Library.


Important Dates


All the dates are given on the milestone page on ConfSys dynamic web site for C3S2E (accessible to ConfSys signed up users). In case of discrepancies, the dates on ConfSys dynamic web site are the correct ones. The following are the salient ones:
ConfSys user Sign-Up begins: Always on
Paper submission begins: 2013-01-01
Paper submission deadline(new): 2013-05-04 - Extended Deadline
Acceptance notice: 2013-06-02
Registration & Camera-ready upload start: 2013-06-03
Camera-ready copies deadline: 2013-06-30
Conference dates: 2013-07-10 -- 2012-07-12


Please visit the ConfSys (https://confsys.encs.concordia.ca/ConfSys) web sites for further instructions. ConfSys is used to manage all administrative functions of the conference.


Organized by

ISEP, Porto, Portugal

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada;
with the cooperation of ACM, BytePress.org, Concordia University and ConfSys.org

Local Organization
Jorge Bernardino: CISUC-Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, Portugal

Program Chairs
Ana Almeida: ISEP, Porto, Portugal
Sudhir Mudur: Concordia University(Canada)

General Chair
Bipin C. Desai (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada)



Email contact


Submission Guidelines


Please prepare the full paper in proportional font size of 12 or 12(Times Roman font or equivalent) with spacing of 1.5 lines. The paper, for review, should be about 5000 words (15-20 pages).


The upload to ConfSys should be in PDF format. Please do not use any special characters or foreign language fonts. Reviewers may not be able to open such documents. Please observe the following:




Manuscripts should be formatted for single sided letter or A4 sized paper, with spacing of at least 1.5 lines with a 2.5cm margins on all sides. Number pages consecutively with the first page containing the title, the authors, the affiliation, a short abstract from 100 to 250 words, and five to ten key words. Also, indicated all the topics for the paper from the list of topics for the conference in ConfSys. Since these topics as well as the abstract will be used by ConfSys to help the program committee members choose appropriate papers, it is essential to make them as indicative of the contents of the paper as possible.


Please see the guides and samples given in the right margins.



Submissions must be original. The work cannot have been published previously or be pending publication in another forum and submissions cannot be under review by any other forum.


It is expected that all authors accept the following statement:


This paper (or a similar version) is not currently under review by a journal or conference, nor will it be submitted to such until the result of this review has been communicated. Furthermore, the author(s) agree to abide by the decision of the Program chairs and would participate in the meeting should the paper be accepted.

The author who submits a paper is expected to inform all co:authors of the submission and has their approval.

Authors should submit only papers that have been carefully proofread and polished. Papers that are clearly unacceptable will be returned by the editor without being reviewed. Authors must clearly acknowledge the contributions of their predecessors.

Submissions will be evaluated on their originality and significance.


Though a group of authors may submit multiple papers, we expect that each paper would be presented by a separate co:author to allow for a wider point of views during the presentations and discussions. The authors are expected to upload the paper in PDF format.


PDF format Guidelines


At a minimum, basic PDF distiller settings MUST be changed so PDF files are: optimized, set to Acrobat 4.0 compatibility, all graphics are set to at least 300 dpi resolution, ALL fonts used must be embeddable. Please see "Embedding Fonts for details. Some font manufacturers now flag their fonts to not embed: these fonts should be avoided. Postscript settings SHOULD NOT override distiller settings and page size is 612.0 x 792.0 points (8.5 " x 11"). Authors should check their final PDF files before submission to verify that all fonts have been properly embedded and subset. Please DO NOT USE type 1 (bitmapped) fonts; they do not display correctly in most PDF readers.


The program committee reserves the right to consider any paper, to be accepted as a short paper or to be presented in a poster or the workshop session. One of the authors of each accepted paper is expected to present the paper in person.


[*] C* ::= Combined|Comprehensive|Consolidated| ...
[*]Registration link under the My Account pull down menu of ConfSys.


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