International Database Engineered Applications Symposium




IDEAS 2022

26th International Database Engineered Applications Symposium


ELTE University
August 22 - 24, 2022,
Budapest, Hungary


Final Program


The aim of the IDEAS series of symposiums is to address the engineering and application aspects of databases.

The symposium provides an international forum for discussion of the problems of engineering data drivend systems involving not only database technology but the related areas of information retrieval, multimedia, human machine interface and communication. The goal of IDEAS is to foster closer interaction among the industrial, research and user communities and provides an excellent opportunity for them to meet, discuss ideas, examine the current ones and develop new solutions and research directions. Along with the technical sessions, the symposium also features prominent invited speakers.

IDEAS series of symposiums are scheduled annually and have been held since 1997 in North America, Europe and Asia. It has attracted participants from governmental and non-governmental agencies, industries, and academia to exchange ideas and share experiences.


Organized by

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada; Elite University, Budapest, Hungary
with the cooperation of ACM, BytePress and ConfSys



Track (Targeted Session)


As in the past, IDEAS 2022 will include tracks (Targeted Sessions) on current topics of interest to the community. This year, we would be organizing several; some of which are proposed below. These special tracks/themes will form part of the program along with the main event:


The following tracks are currently in place:




All paper submission for IDEAS’2022 is via the corresponding pages on ConfSys. Authors should sign up as user of the system at: https://confsys.encs.concordia.ca/ConfSys/jsp/index.jsp

Please refer to the following guides - these would be useful for the next meeting:
- http://confsys.encs.concordia.ca/public_files/guidelines.php
- http://confsys.encs.concordia.ca/authorHelp.html
- http://confsys.encs.concordia.ca/ConfSysAuthorFAQ.php
TOPICS: A list of non-exhaustive topics can be found at: