ConfSys Author's/ User's FAQ


1. What is the privacy policy of ConfSys?

ConfSys does not share any information with third parties. The information is used solely for the operation of the system!


2. How do I sign up as a user of ConfSys?

Point your browser to ConfSys web site and click on New User button. On the next screen, enter and confirm your current valid email address. The system will send two emails to the address you entered; one with the user ID and the second with a temporary password. Once you get these emails, sign in and complete the sign up process by giving your name, country, organization (from a pull down list), department and topics of interests. Change the password and make a note of it. If you do not get these email, perhaps they may have ended up in a spam or thrash folder: check them and if you cannot find these emmails, contact the Admin.

Please note: ConfSys is a multi-events multi-tracks system; each user can participate in any number of tracks, events and have many roles. However, all you need is a SINGLE User ID and PW. An event is chosen using the [Change Event] function as illustrated above.


3. Why do I have to give my organization?

ConfSys uses this information in its automatic initial assignment of submitted papers to reviewers. This automatic assignment takes into account conflicts of interests etc. and the organization of authors and reviewers are needed as one of the parameters used in this allocation. The editor/program chair has the freedom to change such automatic assignment.


4. Why do I have to give my topics of interests?

The editor/program chair may use this information in case they need to find external reviewers for a paper. If your interests match those needed for a paper, you could be requested to review it.


5. I need to change my email address .

Make sure to log-in to ConfSys and update your profile before your email address changes by using the menu item My Account>My Profile

Once you have competed your profile, see Step 2 in ConfSys, you may enter your additional email addresses as mentioned in the Mail function.

Since the primary email address given in ConfSys is used to retrieve a forgotten password, your email address stored in ConfSys should be a current valid one.


6. I forgot my password, user ID for ConfSys!

Point your browser to ConfSys. Click on Forgotten password link and enter your email (as stored in ConfSys). You should receive emails with your user ID and password. Please sign in immediately and change the password, making sure to make a note of this new password.


7. I forgot my password, user ID and which email address I used in ConfSys! Anyway, my email address has changed recently.

In this case, send an email message to the Admin. Provide sufficient information to validate this request.


8. I forgot my password, user ID and I did not get the emails from ConfSys!

Your email may no longer be the one stored in ConfSys. Please send an email to the Admin. Provide sufficient information to validate this request.


9. What roles do I have once I am signed up for ConfSys?

All sign-up users have the role of Author. They can submit papers to any event handled by ConfSys. You have an internal mail box which stores a copy of emails sent by ConfSys. You may reply to some of these emails using ConfSys’s internal mail system.

Users could have an additional role for an event if they have been chosen to be in the Program Committee etc. Any such supplementary role is for the duration of the event.


10. How do I submit a paper?

A paper could be submitted during the call for paper time window for a managed event. To submit a paper sign-up for ConfSys. Then log into the system, and change to the correct event. To do this either click on the event in the current active event list or use the [Change Event] button to change to the event you are interested in. Click on the Author>My Paper link. You will see a page with your list of papers for the event, if any. To submit a(new) paper, press the Submit a New Paper button and follow the instructions. In case the event has tracks (special sessions), choose the correct track using the pull down menu.

The links to the files you have uploaded appear in the Paper File panel. ConfSys does not send email about file uploads; you can verify this anytime by clicking on the link accessible to you.

Make sure to verify all the information for the paper and add all the coauthors of the paper. All coauthors must be users of ConfSys. Make sure to have the coauthors email addresses and first name as registered in ConfSys. If some of your coauthors are not users of ConfSys, enter them as New ConfSys users and provide their details.

If you do not enter all coauthors, they will NOT appear in any lists produced by the system nor can they participate in any way.

Note: ConfSys is a multi-event, multi-track system; you MUST be in the environment of the correct current event to do any operation for that event.


11. What do I submit?

PDF is the standard format for submitting papers. ConfSys requires that all fonts used in your document are embedded in the pdf file. Please read the instructions given in the this file to find out how to embed fonts in the PDF file before uploading it. ConfSys will NOT accept a PDF file which doesn't have the fonts embedded!


11a Pl. explain Single, Double, Triple Blind review!

This is what is the significance of Single, Double, Triple Blind review:

In all three type, the authors do not know the names of the reviewers of their papers.

Any author can submit a paper for double blind review but it is not required. If the author names are in the author area of the PDF file for the paper, it is single blind review.

However, if the authors want to submit the paper for double blind review, they do not put the names of any authors in the author area; however, names of all authors must be entered in the submission paper submission form. These names are not accessible to the reviewers and hence they do not know the names of the authors; hence double blind review.

If one of the author of the paper is a member of the program cmt., the paper should be submitted for double blind; which means the names of the authors should not be on the paper.

Triple blind review applies to a paper where one of the author is a Program/track chair. In this case the details about the review process is not displayed to the chair.

Names of all authors, regardless of the type of reviews must be entered in the subsequent form during paper submission.


12. I have submitted a paper but I want to update the file or the information for it!

ConfSys allows up to three versions of the file for a paper. Simply log in, change to the event. Click on the Author>My Paper link. You will see a page with your list of papers for the event. Click on the title of that paper for which you want to upload a new file.

The Paper Info page for the paper would be shown. At the bottom, in the panel Paper Files (PDF) choose New Version in the pull down menu and browse to select the updated file for the paper and click on Upload New File

To update the information for the file go to the Paper Info page for the paper and make the changes you need. You can add co:authors(existing users of COnfSys or new users), change the order of authors in the list produced, edit abstract and key words.


13. How do I see the progress of my paper?

All information for a submitted paper is obtained from the Paper Info page for the paper.

14. How do I submit the final version of my accepted paper?

Once the review process for a paper is over, the editor/program chair would decide to accept a paper. For an accepted paper, see the comments and changes requested. Make these updates; prepare the final version in the format required for the event. Submit the PDF file by going to the Paper Info page for the paper and select Final Version for the file to be uploaded.


15. How about the copyright release form for my accepted paper?

Depending on the event, the copyright release form could be in-line, hard copy or on-line. If it is in-line, you would be requested to fill it before the final version could be uploaded. In case of hard copy, you need to complete a paper version and send it to the appropriate address. For on-line form, you will fill the form on the publisher’s site.


16. How do I register (pay fees) for an event?

ConfSys provides on line registration using a third party site. ConfSys does not collect any credit card information; these being handled by the third party. A confirmed registration may be required before uploading of the final version is allowed.


17. What about the slides for the presentations?

To avoid waste of time during the presentations and allow better exposure of your work(after an event when the final program is published), the event may require that you upload the presentation slides in PDF or a popular presentation format to ConfSys. The slide upload is done in the Paper File panel at the bottom of the Paper Info page for the paper.


18. I cannot do any operations since my status is "DEACTIVATED" what do I do?

If any email message sent to you using your address registerd in ConfSys bounce, your status would be set to "DEACTIVATED" and you may not be able to any operations on the system. In this case, you need to send an email to the Admin with your user ID and a current valid email; request that the email be changed and your status restoed to "NORMAL". If you have an active role in an event(as author, etc.), ConfSys will still be able to send you reminder email etc.


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