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We use a self-signed security certificate issued by the CINDI Group. We find using a commercial issued certificate a waste of resources; they do nothing more than what we have done! We suggest that you use our secure site.


instead of


If you use the un-secure server (which uses the http protocol), the data traffic is not encrypted. If you are concerned with this, we suggest you use the secure server (which uses the https protocol).


When you use the secure server (https protocol), some mass market browsers(AKA brain-dead), will try to protect you with dire warning. All you have to do is to inspect the certificate to make sure it is from the CINDI Group. and accept it either once or "import" the certificate into the browser.


If you accept it once, you need to repeat this operation for every new connection. This can be avoided by importing/installing our certificate into your browser. You can download our certificate from here:


Bipin C. DESAI
Professor, CSE

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